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Upcoming Events

Lesya Starr

After an amazing set of workshops with Lesya Starr last summer, I have decided it would be great to have her teach again this summer while she is here for a short visit!

Here is the information and Registration is now open.


Cost: $65/workshop in advance or $80/workshop at door
Buy all 3 workshops and save!
3 workshops for $175 in advance or $220 at the door
****Please Add 13% HST to all prices***
Contact: or 416-821-4381

**If you are a dance instructor contact me for instructor/student deal**


Drum Solo (Saturday Aug 25 2-5pm)

This choreography, to a wonderful Suleiman Warwar song, has quick precision, fast changes, and a powerful fiery element to it.
It is for advanced students.
Duration: 3 hours

Arms, Hands, Twirls and Turns (Sun Aug 26 10am-1pm)

Come flow with me in this wonderful workshop of elegant feminine expression. Let your hands draw spirals, waves and infinite signs as your arms breathe fluidly, as your body opens up from head to toe to twirl in many directions, in many different ways. In this workshop we will learn to feel the movements growing from the inside out, as the whole upper torso expands and lifts, to allow our feet to feel lighter and freer, in order to turn beautifully in space. We will do a lovely choreography to bring it all together.
Open level
Duration: 3 hours

AND YOUR CHOICE OF 1 of the following 2 workshops. The workshop most chosen will be the one that is taught. (Sun Aug 26 2-5pm)

Persian Fusion

In this workshop Lesya will offer some basic technique for Persian Dance (classical style) focusing mainly on posture, angles and fluidity of movment, and the distribution of energy for the sentiments we express.

-pants and long, flowing skirt
-long flowing-sleeved blouse
For this workshop we will work with the traditional Persian Classical dance postures, arm and hand movements and turns, and darvesh turns to a delightfully sweet and soothing song by a group from Southern California called, Axiom of Choice, who have a fusion style incorporating Persian classical music with Western classical music. It makes the perfect combination to feel connected with this dance form.

Duration of workshop: 3 hours
No level required


Russian gypsy fantasy dance with tambourine

The gypsies or Roma blend indigenous folkloric movements with the cultures and styles of the many countries they travelled through, helping to create other new interesting nuances in their dance. In this workshop we will focus on the russian gypsy style, using the traditional and beautiful technique of skirt waving, quick footwork and to top it off we will add a little fantasy to it by incorporating the tambourine, (this is the creative aspect of this choreography, as there is no known gypsy dance with tambourine of origin). It is a lot of fun to dance with!!

Studying this type of dance helps you to create your own unique style of expression. Bring a tambourine (if you register enough in advance Lesya said she would bring enough tambourines for everyone) and a full flowing ankle length gypsy skirt.

All levels welcome!
Duration: 3 hours

For Further information, to Register & see Lesya's Bio contact

Location: Tandem Dance & Fitness Studio - 3300 Yonge Street, 4th Floor

Past Events

Dec 10th, 2011 - Alhambra Winter Dance Extravaganza - Vivace Studios, Toronto, ON

August 5-7, 2011 - Lesya Starr Intensive Workshop Weekend - Tandem Dance & Fitness Studio, Toronto, ON

August 7, 2011 - Zambra - Vivace Studios, Toronto, ON

Dec 11, 2010 - 4th Annual Winter Belly Dance Extravaganza - Tandem Dance & Fitness Studio, Toronto, ON

Aug 14, 2010 - One Year Anniversary Open House Celebration! - Tandem Dance & Fitness Studio, Toronto, ON

June 19, 2010 - Alhambra Dance's "Red Hot Summer Hafla"- MHSB, Toronto, ON

June 4-6, 2010 - Ahava & Jehane Khan Weekend - Kingston, (Alhambra Dance Troupe performed at "An Evening of Egyptian Dance IV")

April 21-25, 2010 IBCC (Alhambra Dance Troupe Performed on Open Stage), Toronto, ON

March 3, 2010 - International Women's Day Event - Tandem Dance & Fitness Studio, Toronto, ON

Dec 2009 - 3rd Annual Winter Bellydance Extravaganza - MHSB, Toronto, ON

Nov 2009 -"Dance the Night Away Fundraiser", Ottawa, ON (Alhambra Dance Troupe performed)

July 2009 - Hadia's "Soiree Orientale", Lunenberg, NS (Caliana performed solo)

May 2009 - Cassandra Shore & Caroline Labrie Weekend, Kingston, ON (Caliana performed solo at "An Evening of Egyptian Dance III")

December 2008 - 2nd Annual Winter Bellydance Extravaganza - MHSB, Toronto, ON

July 2008 - Hadia's "Soiree Orientale", Montreal, QC (Caliana performed solo)

May 2008 -Denise Enan & Hadia Weekend - Kingston, ON ( Alhambra Dance Troupe performed Duet at "An Evening of Egyptian Dance II")

Dec 2007 - Winter Bellydance Extravaganza